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Canyoning and Via ferrata guide

Xavi discovered canyoning through friends, he fell in love with it and soon realised being immersed in nature really was his thing: in 2004 he became an official canyoning guide, leaving behind his former “regular” life and job and he is now known as Iggy Barrancs… named after Iggy Pop (yes, he’s a big fan) and as “Iggy” is also short for iguana (no, we didn’t know that either).

Now that his passion is his profession, Xavi lives half of the year in Barcelona and as soon as warmer days arrive, he sets off and settles in the beautiful and verdant area of Huesca all through summer. That’s where you’ll find him hiking, rappelling, jumping, scrambling and going down rivers with that big smile of his, always genuinely enjoying sharing his passion with others. If joking around is part of a trip with him, never will you feel more confident and safe: the guy is a real pro.

Insanely punctual and full of energy early in the morning, don’t make plans to meet at night: this early bird will be already in bed, charging batteries for the next day. When asked about his dreams, he simply says he’s really happy with his life… though he wouldn’t mind discovering New Zealand one day.

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