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About Us


United Nature Lovers

Yepalo is all about meeting amazing new people, discovering new breathtaking natural surroundings and of course, while we’re at it: having some fun together! Whatever your age, size, color, religion, background… as long as you come along with open heart and mind (sense of humor is a plus!), you’re more than welcome to join us on this fantastic journey!

Our favourite motto: 
The best things in life aren’t things. Want to feel more alive than ever before and be part of this memorable experience?
Yepaaaaa, hop on!

What we do:
Mainly outdoors activities such as hiking, canyoning, via ferratas - so far but definitely open to suggestions and new experiences! Climbing and paragliding are on our wish list, for instance…

We are based in Barcelona and are having a blast discovering the natural wonders of Catalonia, Spain - well, of the whole world in fact.

The format:
From a short early morning run or a sunset getaway just outside the city up to a long weekend up further away, there are plenty of options.

The people:
A bunch of happy smiley people who don’t know each other at first but share a common passion for nature and values such as respect and humanism. Each and everyone with her/his own story to tell and great energy to share!


You guys make Yepalo a reality!

Yepalo Group


Planet Earth is our one and only home: 
take care of it!


Sharing positive energy: that's what we're
here for!


Everyone has an amazing story to tell: 
be curious!

Love & respect

What you give is
what you get:

be generous!

What they say about us

Juan Jose.jpg

Fun, good vibes and
a very neat organization.
Moshe is great at making everyone enjoy themselves
and have a good time!
I highly recommend it.

Juan José

Good vibes >

From and living in Barcelona

My mom and I were in Barcelona just one week, and our canyoning trip with Moshe was easily the highlight for both of us. Beautiful nature, fun adventures, a welcoming group - couldn't hope for anything more!

Travelling from the United States

The hightlight of our trip >


Whether you're visiting Barcelona or live here, this is the best group I've found to experience outdoor activities and the amazing nature surrounding the city! Moshe is a superb organiser and immediately makes you feel part of the Yepalo family. If you fancy something different to the usual city tours and just want to have some fun with good people, this is for you. Yeppaaa!! ;)


Fun with good people >

UK expat living in Barcelona
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