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We, the Yepalo Sunrise Runners, are a bunch of runners and walkers who believe the best way to start your day is to see the sun rise while exercising together.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, come and join us!

What we do

We meet up early in the morning in Barceloneta, warm up a bit, say "hello" to the sunrise, take a picture (yes, we want to remember how brave we were to get out of bed!), and go for a run (7 to 9 km) or a walk (about 4-5 km). After that, whoever wants to go for quick splash in the sea and we all meet afterwards for a super yummy (and well deserved!) breakfast. 

Meeting time varies according to the season (usually between 7:00 and 7:30): check details on Meetup! 👇

How it all started...

"Whoever loses this bet has to sign up for a triathlon."

That was back in 2016. And Moshe lost.

He had to start training so he challenged himself to go running to the beach to see the sun rise over the sea. He called up his friends to meet at 7:00AM to go for a run, but they all stayed in bed (and so did he). Creating this group and posting his outings was his way of committing to himself and making sure, a 100% sure that he would go out for a run.

Since then, many Sunrise Runners (and walkers) have joined. The group is made up of locals and expats from all over the world. We are many organizers (David, Laura, Enni, Lisandro, Gaétane, Priscila, Shannon, Brett…) and new runners/walkers come up every week.

Now they even talk about us :)

Besides running on the beach, we also go for RANCING (Running & Dancing) or PLOGGING (picking up litter whilst running) and some found it interesting enough to mention in the press or the media... 

TV3 Rancing 2021.png
2019_Periodico Plogging.png
Video play Runners
Running buddies
(cold) January splash
Group Running
Bathing Sunrise Runners
Sunrise Runners Pic
Fantastic Splash at Sunrise
Runners Group vibe
Sunrise Runners in action
Another beautiful Sunrise
Sunrise Runners' breakfast
Stunning Sunrise View
Jumping Sunrise Runners
Good Morning!
Panoramic Sunrise
Breakfast is even yummier after excercising
Running buddies
Life is Good
Our favorite breakfast place
Sunrise Runners posing :)
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