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Coaching & Teambuilding Outdoors

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Make the most of a special time with your co-workers! Go for a memorable getaway, breathe some fresh air, change your perspectives and learn together with professional coaches how to best work and grow as a team

Difficulty level

Easy - moderate - challenging


Private or public


2 or 3 days

Languages spoken

English, Spanish, French

Group size

Small, medium and large teams

Great for... 

Cohesion, leadership, group dynamics, communication... 

Our 3 programs

All 3 programs were designed by a team of professional coaches and mountain guides: they include specific coaching sessions and activities outdoors in order for you to address your team's priorities:

Team Cohesion in 
uncertain times
  • Psychological safety in
    BANI* environment


  • Team vision with clear common goals

  • Decision making by consent

  • Adaptation to daily changes

  • Tools for collaboration and enjoyment at work

  • Accountability circles

*BANI : Brittle -Anxious -Nonlinear -Incomprehensible

in the BANI
  • Team purpose and vision

  • Paradigm shift
    (reactive / creative)

  • How to promote teamwork

  • Manage fears and stress

  • Storytelling to communicate 

  • Keys to embrace the new
    mixed reality (online / presencial)

- The Keys to Trust -
  • The keys to trust

  • How to listen empathically

  • How to express oneself honestly

  • How to give feedback

  • Conflict resolution

Out of the Office --> Out of the box!

Being outdoors is a fantastic way to open up your mind, to connect with nature and your co-workers, and without a doubt to increase your creativity!

We offer many different options: hiking, canyoning, climbing, orienteering, yoga and meditation, and much more! Let us know what you have in mind and we'll make sure to plan the perfect activity for your team!

Get in touch!

We'd love to hear what your team needs!

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