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Mountain guide & C.E.O.
(Crazy Enthusiastic Organizer)

Born and raised in Brussels, Belgium, he’s been living in Barcelona since 2008. Hard to believe, but he used to be this typical city dweller who saw no point in wandering about in the woods just for the sake of it. Why would you go in the mountain in summertime? You can’t even ski!  That was until he discovered what it was actually like to enjoy nature, to hike in the open air and to bathe in freezing cold rivers.

After 15 years working in the fashion industry, he gave his career a turnaround to organise his life according to his passions: being in nature and connecting people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Moshe is now a mountain guide, member of the Spanish Association of Mountain Guides (AEGM) and the founder of Yepalo.

What's his thing?

#Hiking   #Running   #SUP

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Mountain guide

“Mountains are not stadium where I satisfy my ambition to achieve, they are my cathedrals where I practice my religion”. - Anatoli Boukreev

This quote sums up Marti's philosophy. Born in Sant Cugat del Vallès, near Barcelona, he got to connect with nature in the Pyrenees, where he used to spend his holidays as a child. After studying and working as a biochemist, he turned his passion for the mountains into his lifestyle. He’s now a mountain guide, member of the Spanish Association of Mountain Guides (AEGM), and an environmental educator.​

You’ll probably find him in nature with shirt and a cap on, one eye on the path and the other looking for animals, rocks, plants, flowers, and stories to tell.


What's his thing?
#Hiking   #Flora   #Geology


Meet Our Team

Annabel Lemétais Montaña.jpg


Yoga instructor &
Non Violent Communication trainer

A former global communication director of a multinational, Annabel decided, after years of undergoing a whole lot of stress, to change her life and to set her wellbeing, both physical and emotional, as her #1 priority.

She started learning sustainable tools to communicate with care and became a certified yoga and meditation instructor, as well as a coach. Oh, and after living in Spain for over 2o years, she eventually managed to substitute butter for olive oil... as part of her new healthy habits, certainly!

All kidding aside, she's now specialized and certified in NVC (Nonviolent Communication) techniques, that she applies to stress and conflict management, for both individuals and companies, and is the founder of Happy Daystress.


What's her thing?
#Nonviolent Communication
#Meditation   #ConsciousHike

Gaétane-Home pic.jpg


Our content manager &
companion in adventure

What Gaétane enjoys most about Yepalo is slowing down to a real human pace, connecting with the beauty of nature and gambolling around like a child, while meeting people from everywhere, discovering their own world and sharing their stories. 

A translator and web content manager, she is a multifaceted character and is interested in personal growth through art, meditation and movement. She's also the creator of this website! More on her work:

She's also been involved in different feminine projects, such as Hub Dot (storytelling-based networking events, Barcelona V-DAY initiative (a global movement aiming at ending violence towards women and girls), and participates in the 8M marches together with Percudones, dancing and celebrating femininity in the streets!

What's her thing?
#Connections   #Stories   #Nature&Buddies

Bernat1 (2).JPG


Canyoning, Via Ferrata, Ski & Mountain guide

Born in Barcelona, he always knew that the city just wasn't his place to be. His life has always been connected with mountains, be it thanks to his dad or his hobbies: climbing, mountain bike, canyoning, free ride, underwater fishing etc.  

He's been living in the heart of the Pyrenees for 10 years, where he works as a mountain guide (TD2), canyoning guide (TD2), and, in the wintertime, as a ski instructor (TD2) and an off-piste guide. 

To be lucky enough to be passionate about his job is a privilege he's always been much aware of. 

He loves being at the participants' side as they evolve in adventure sports and is always thinking about new funny challenges he could offer them. 

What's his thing?
#ViaFerrata   #Canyoning #Hiking   
#Ski   #Snowshoes



Mountain guide

Carlos has been living in Gerona for over 20 years. He used to work as in a telecom company until that one day when he decided to leave behind the 4 walls of his office to start working closer to nature, turning his passion into his job.

He had been in contact with nature since his childhood, carrying out activities friends and family. It's been over 12 years now that he works as a mountain guide. 

Depending on the season, you'll find him rock or via ferrata climbing, canyoning, on his mountain bike or swimming. Though what he enjoys most is to travel and get to know people, countries, cultures... while, of course, doing activities. He's a member of the Spanish Association of Mountain Guides (AEGM) and also graduated as a sport trainer, and trained in CPR and AED first aid. 

What's his thing?
#Canyoning   #Coastering

foto perfil Estrella.jpg


Tourist Guide

Estrella is a Local Touristic Promotion Guide from Barcelona.

She spends all her free time going down canyons, exploring caves, clinging to a via ferrata or diving to explore the beauty of the Catalan coastline from underwater. In winter, you 'll find her at the top of a snowy mountain doing skimo, cross-country or alpine skiing.


She likes to discover new routes, explore new places and meet people. Estrella is also a foodie and she usually ends up an active day sharing some good food and drinks with friends. 

She is in love with her city, Barcelona, ​​and she likes to show it around and explain the little details and activities going on there. She knows all its secrets!

Her mother always tells her that the house shall never fall on her because she never stops and is always out there running around.

What's her thing?
#Culture   #Wine Tourism 
#Gastronomy   #History

Guia de Media montaña Llorenç Bou


Mountain guide

Though he was born and has lived in a big city like Barcelona, Llorenç has always loved spending time in the mountains exploring unknown corners.


As a child, he would often go to his parents’ old farmhouse amidst the Pre-Pyrenees, which nurtured his passion for the mountain. That’s how he realized the value of what lies beyond concrete buildings and large human constructions: the great nature that surrounds us.

For him, it is the best place to share experiences and good times with those around us.


Today he is a mountain guide and with Yepalo he aims at transmitting his passion in a laid-back way, breaking away from the routine and meeting new people.


What's her thing?

#Hiking   #Snowshoes  

#Flora  #History

Llorenç guia


Canyonging & Via Ferrata guide

Xavi discovered canyoning through friends and fell in love with it instantly: in 2004 he became an official canyoning guide, leaving behind his former “regular” life. He is now known as Iggy Barrancs… named after Iggy Pop and as “Iggy” is also short for iguana (no, we didn’t know that either).

Now that his passion is his profession, Xavi lives half of the year in Barcelona and as soon as warmer days arrive, he sets off to the beautiful verdant area of Huesca. There you’ll find him hiking, rappelling, jumping, scrambling and going down rivers. If joking around is part of a trip with him, never will you feel more confident and safe: the guy is a real pro.

Insanely punctual and full of energy early in the morning, don’t make plans to meet at night: this early bird will be already in bed, charging batteries for the next day. When asked about his dreams, he simply says he’s really happy with his life… though he wouldn’t mind discovering New Zealand one day.

What's his thing?
#Canyoning   #ViaFerrata   #Fun

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Are you a professional mountain guide?

Or are you carrying out activities that are related to Yepalo and you'd like to collaborate with us?

We'll be happy to know more about you, feel free to contact us at:

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