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So...What exactly is Rancing?

Running + Dancing = Rancing

As easy as that.... and it's one of the funniest ways to go running!

This idea originally came up in the U.S. and when it got to our ears we figured we should go and try it out. 

And we LOVED it: the moment the music starts to play, feet start moving as well and you forget about everything (the stress, the "to-do's", the "I-wonder-what-people-will-thing-of-us"...) and you just have fun. To the sound of the beat, we re-discover the streets of Barcelona from a whole new perspective: that of being a child again playing around. Be wild, be weird, be crazy, let go, run & dance... rance! 

Also... we gave it our own personal twist... We like to dress up (you don't have to, it's just extra fun - and if you're shy, paradoxically it might help you go unnoticed!)

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Are you up for it?

We usually meet up in downtown Barcelona, get our gear (costumes) ready, warm up a bit, turn on our speakers and go for an easy 1h - to 1h30 session... including some dance battle breaks. Then, if and when the conditions allow, we gather for a drink! 

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our upcoming dates: 

Don't see any date that suits you?

Here above you should see the dates of the next trips we have planned for this activity. If none of them suits you - or if no dates appear at all - let us know when you'd like to go so we can set up a new trip: send us a message or call us (+34) 699 444 539.  

More on us rancing in the media:

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