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Plogg... what???

"Plogging" is made of a combination of 2 Swedish words: plokka up (to pick up) and jogga (to jog)... Which means to pick up the garbage while jogging. 

Back in 2016 or so, in Sweden, some people concerned by the increasing plastic pollution, thought they could probably do something about it and started to collect the trash as they went for their usual run... It's now becoming more and more common.

While plogging, not only are you combining a good deed with some (serious!) workout, you are also raising awareness on this critical issue. Yes, at your own humble level, but still: that counts.

So we decided we could also do our part and started a few years ago, in collaboration with Barcelona Plogging.

Come and join us!

We usually meet in the early morning in Barceloneta, as part of our usual Sunrise Running sessions. Our aim is to extend it to all natural places and parcs of Barcelona and to go at least once a month.

All you need is your running/walking gear, some biodegradable bags and a glove to keep your hand clean... If you don't have any of the latter, we can provide you with some, no worries.

After our warm-up and a short explanation on how do "plog" properly, we're off! 

Check out all
our upcoming dates: 

Don't see any date that suits you?

Here above you should see the dates of the next trips we have planned for this activity. If none of them suits you - or if no dates appear at all - let us know when you'd like to go so we can set up a new trip: send us a message or call us (+34) 699 444 539.  

More on us plogging in the media:

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