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Non Violent Communication retreat 

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2 days to learn the NVC communication process and improve your relationship with yourself and others.

Difficulty level


Minimum age/size

18 years old


2 nights 2 days


All NVC sessions will be given in Spanish. It’s important to have a high level of Spanish comprehension, however, all team members speak English and will be able to assist if you need clarification.


Full board

About NVC

Why this retreat?

In our lives, our personal relationships play a very significant role. With partners, family, friends, and colleagues, the way we communicate can often lead to unintentional misunderstandings, as well as emotional and even physical tension. This retreat will introduce you to tools to help understand and communicate your emotions, as well as hold space for those in your life.  We will be in an idyllic natural setting, and our days will be supplemented with beautiful mountain hikes.


What is Non Violent Communication (NVC)?

NVC is a method/process that allows you to better understand your internal emotional process, as well as how to express in order to care for yourself, for others, and your relationships as a whole. Founded by Marshall Rosenberg, a US psychologist and mediator, Non Violent Communication consists of 4 stages (observation, feelings, needs and a request) with practical and “magical” elements to avoid misunderstandings, tensions and conflicts and improve clarity and understanding.


What will you get with the NVC?

You will improve communication within yourself and the people in your life. You will learn to connect with your feelings and needs, as well as those of others. You will learn that “conflict” ultimately brings us the gift of deeper connection.


The nature

Retiro de Comunicacion NoViolenta Barcelona (1)

Retiro de Comunicacion NoViolenta Barcelona (1)

Natural Park "el Montseny"

Natural Park "el Montseny"

Perfect surrounding for a NVC retreat

Peace and Serenity

Peace and Serenity

Surrounded by mountains and pure nature

Yoga Session

Yoga Session

A session of Kundalini yoga guided by our "guru", a certified kundalini teacher

Shinrin-yoku (Forest bathing)

Shinrin-yoku (Forest bathing)

Beautiful hikes through some awesome forest at Natural Park of "el Montseny"

Non Violent communication workshop (1)

Non Violent communication workshop (1)

empathy hike

empathy hike

Enjoy nature

Enjoy nature

Relaxing hikes through the beautiful Natural Park of "el Montseny"

What's the plan?

Here is the program of this 2 days trip :

Day 1:

arrivals from 18h to 20h

20h-20h45- Welcome activity

20h45-21h45 Dinner

Day 2:

8h30 -9h30: Breakfast

9h30-11h30: Introduction and practice of Non Violent Communication

11h30-12h: Break

12h-14h00: Conscious hike (mindful)

14h00-16h30: Lunch and siesta / free time

16h30-18h30: Practice of Non Violent Communication to embrace words, demands and needs

18h30 -19h: Break

19h30 – 20h30: Communication and games (NVC)

20h30-22h00: Dinner


Day 3:

8h00 -9h00: Kundalini yoga

9h-9h45: Breakfast

9h45-12h45: Walk with Nonviolent Communication practices

12h45-13h30: Closing activity

13h30-15h30: Lunch and free time

Pleases note the schedule and order of activities may change.

About your hosts

Annabel Lemétais, Non Violent Communication certified trainer.

Annabel is the Founder of Happy Daystress®. French, former global communication director of a multinational, today she's specialized in stress and conflict management. She changed her life after years of stress, certifying herself as a yoga and meditation teacher, coach (The Leadership Circle). Read more on the Happy Daystress website


She's gonna be assisted by one of our best mountain guide.

Accommodation & Meals

We will stay 2 nights in a country house in the middle of Montseny Natural Park. It is a rustic country house that has been restored. It’s a self-sufficient and sustainable farmhouse that is part of an agroecological project. It consists of 3 bedrooms. One with 5 beds and two with 4 beds.

All meals (from dinner on arrival to last day lunch, are prepared on site by 2 local cooks. They make vegetarian menus with seasonal and mainly organic products. Between hours there will be fruit, cookies, coffee and infusions.

The house
chill out moments
The house
resting time garden
Beautiful surroundings
Yoga and activity room
NVC room

How do we get there?

Sharing private cars from Barcelona. During the booking process, you'll be invited to let us know if you have a car, and how many people can join you. Each passenger will pay the driver € 10 to cover gas and tolls. You can also meet us at the destination between 6 and 8 PM

Meeting points

Leaving from Barcelona:
Metro Fabra i Puig
Avingunda Meridiana 400, Barcelona

On the spot:

El polell, 08458 Sant Pere

de Vilamajor

What to bring

  • Raincoat/waterproof hiking gear

  • Hiking shoes

  • Appropriate clothing for the season

  • Towel

  • Sleeping bag and / or sheets (there is a bed linen service for an additional €10pp if you prefer)


The price of the activity is €390 per person.

It includes:

  • 2 nights accommodation in a privatize country house / hostel

  • 2 days of NVC and hiking workshops (with an official mountain guide and 2 NVC professionals)

  • A session of Kundalini Yoga

  • All meals from dinner on arrival to last day lunch (including fruit and cookies between meals)

  • Insurance in case of accident + CL

  • Official mountain guide


It does NOT include:​

  • Transportation (passengers will pay €10 to the drivers to cover gas and tolls )

Good to know

To our greatest delight, we'll be staying at quite a remote place in the middle of the nature​. There are no ATM (or bank), so please make sure you bring enough cash money and that your car fuel tank is full enough. ;) Be prepared to be off-line:)

Check out all
our upcoming dates: 

Don't see any date that suits you?

Here above you should see the dates of the next trips we have planned for this activity. If none of them suits you - or if no dates appear at all - let us know when you'd like to go so we can set up a new trip: send us a message or call us (+34) 699 444 539.  

Cancellation policy

If cancellation till 72h before the beginning of the activity, 50% will be charged. If late cancellation (less than 72h before), full payment will be requested. 

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