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CEO (Crazy Enthusiastic Organizer) and founder

Born and raised in Brussels, Belgium, he’s been living in Barcelona since 2008. Hard to believe, but he used to be this typical city dweller who saw no point in wandering about in the woods just for the sake of it. Why would you go in the mountain in summertime? You can’t even ski!  That was until he discovered what it was actually like to enjoy nature, to hike in the open air and to bathe in freezing cold rivers (credits and thanks to his friend Benji for that!).

So after 15 years working in the fashion industry, he decided he’d give his career a turnaround in order to organise his life according to his passions: adventure sports such as hiking, canyoning and via ferratas… and most of all, meeting and having new people from different cultures connect with each other - something he had actually been doing naturally forever!

Moshe is now a professional hiking guide and will be happy to share his passion and experience with you! He is also the founder of the Sunrise Runners in Barcelona, but that’s another story! 

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