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A genuine nature lover passionate about geology, wildlife and flaura. 

Born in Sant Cugat del Vallès, near Barcelona. That’s where his family and friends are, where he plans new projects and where he puts down most of his roots. But some of these are also in the Pyrenees, where he found a part of himself, he had no idea about: his love for nature and mountains!

Though he studied and worked as a biochemist for a few years, he changed his way of life to turn his passion into his lifestyle. He’s now a mountain guide, environmental educator and he loves his job.

He is passionate about mountains and whatever he finds on the way... rocks, plants, animals and stories. You’ll probably find him in nature with shirt and a cap on, one eye on the path and the other looking for animals and flowers.


“Mountains are not stadium where I satisfy my ambition to achieve, they are my cathedrals where I practice my religion” -Anatoli Boukreev-

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