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Plogging Barceloneta- NO MORE PLASTIC

Do you want to exercise and help to take care of the environment? If your answer is YES, plogging is for you.

Plogging Barceloneta- NO MORE PLASTIC
Plogging Barceloneta- NO MORE PLASTIC


16 Apr 2021, 07:30 – 9:30

Buenas Migas Barceloneta, Plaça del Mar, 1, 08002 Barcelona, España


About the activity

Let's run and have fun while taking care of our planet.

Total Price: FREE

#What we do?

Yepalo Sunrise Runners and Barcelona Plogging are joining forces to raise awareness for the protection of our beaches and seas and thus encourage environmental care.  

According to WWF: "the ”mediterranean holds 7% of global microplastics...95% of waste floating in the mediterranean is plastics.. mostly coming from Turkey and Spain”.  

You are all invited to run or walk with us and pick up the plastic or other waste that you will find on your way.  Bring your gloves (kitchen gloves for example) and we will provide you with biodegradable bags for collecting. Some will go for a walk or run as usual, others will just go plogging as a warm up (10-15 minutes) and others will dedicate the entire session to plogging. 


We'll meet in front of the Buenas Migas Barceloneta at 7:30 am. 

#How much do we run? 

We will run or walk between 5 and 10 K depending on the physical shape and availability of the participants. In general we divide ourselves into 2 or 3 groups with different pace: those walking, those running at a slow pace (7 -7.30 min per km), medium (5.30-6min per km) and high (4, 3 -5 mon per km).

#What is the required level? 

The activity is free and open to runners and walkers of all levels.  

#And after running? 

With those who are not in a hurry we can go for a delicious breakfast together.  

#More info: 

About Yepalo Sunrise Runners: 




About Barcelona Plogging: 



See you soon! :)  

IMPORTANT: Arrive on time, we start running at 7:38 am.


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