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NVC hike @Garrotxa's waterfalls: practice the language of Empathy - empathic listening

Let's go for a beautiful hike through some waterfalls in la Garrotxa to discover and practice together the power of empathic listening. A Non Violent Communication (NVC) technique.

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NVC hike @Garrotxa's waterfalls: practice the language of Empathy - empathic listening
NVC hike @Garrotxa's waterfalls: practice the language of Empathy - empathic listening


24 Jul 2022, 08:00 – 19:00 CEST

Metro station Fabra i Puig, Avinguda Meridiana, 400, 08030 Barcelona, España


About the activity

Price: €38

Advance payment requested: €18

The plan The idea of ​​organizing "NVC hikes" (NonViolent Communication) was born when we realized that nature was the ideal environment to learn and practice the concepts of Nonviolent Communication. Every month, during these walks, Annabel will share exercises that will allow us to experience NVC tools such as: empathic listening, transforming judgments, expressing anger, establishing boundaries, etc... These walks are designed both for people who are not yet familiar with NVC, as well as for people who have already attended NVC courses, trainings or retreats and who would like to practice and deepen their knowledge while enjoying nature and discovering some of the fantastic landscapes in Barcelona and its surroundings.

The theme of the day: the power of empathic listening.

Have you ever experienced a deep sense of relief whithin when someone "really understands you"? Have you ever been listened to in a way that reach an astonishing clarity and order in your ideas after days of mental confusion? That is the power of empathic listening, a practical and powerful NonViolent Communication tool.

The objective of this journey is to understand and practice the fundamentals of empathic listening in order to connect with other people and with ourselves. Empathetic listening brings people closer and also allows you to relax the tensions that you may feel within or that you think you perceive in the person in front of you.

About the hosts

Annabel Lemétais: trainer in Non Violent Communication, coach, licensed yoga and meditation teacher. Read more on the Happy Daystress website.

Moshe: profesional mountain guide (TD2) and C.E.O. (Crazy Enthusiastic Organizer) of Yepalo.

Where are we going?  We are going to discover a beautiful and unknown route in the spectacular Natural Park of the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone. The “Ruta dels Gòrgs de Santa Pau” goes through different waterfalls and hidden natural pools among magical deciduous forests.

How do we get there? Sharing private cars from Barcelona. During the booking process you’ll be invited to tell us if you have a car and how many people can come with you. Each passenger will pay €10 to the driver to cover gas and tolls expenses. You can also meet us on the spot at 9 AM.

Difficulty: Easy

Distance: 14 Km 🔘🔘⚪️⚪️⚪️ Positive elevation gain: 360m+ 🔘🔘⚪️⚪️⚪️ Technical difficulty 🔘🔘⚪️⚪️⚪️

Bring: hiking shoes, clothes according to the weather, raincoat (just in case), picnic, snacks and fruits, water (min 1,5l), a notebook and a pen.

Main language: the session will be given in Spanish. It’s important to have a good level of Spanish comprehension, however, all team members speak English and French and will be able to assist if you need clarification. 

About Non Violent Communication

What is Non Violent Communication (NVC)?

NVC is a method/process that allows you to better understand your internal emotional process, as well as to express yourself in order to look after yourself, others, and look after your relationships as a whole. created by Marshall Rosenberg, a US psychologist and mediator, Non Violent Communication consists of 4 steps (observation, feelings, needs and a request) with practical and “magical” ingredients to avoid misunderstandings, tensions and conflicts and improve clarity and understanding.

What will you get with the NVC?

You will improve communication within yourself and the people around you. You will learn to connect with your feelings and needs, as well as those of others. You will learn that “conflict” ultimately brings us the gift of deeper connection.


Training on empathic listening according to NVC

certified mountain guide 

Insurance in case of accident + CL

Not included:

-transport  (Each passenger will pay €10 to the driver to cover gas and tolls expenses.)

Cancellation policy: For cancellation till 72 hours before the beginning of the activity, 50% of the total amount will be charged. For late cancellation (less than 72 hours before), full payment will be requested.

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