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Hot spring water canyoning

A unique experience! Canyoning during winter time in hot water:)

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Hot spring water canyoning
Hot spring water canyoning


30 Nov 2019, 07:00 – 18:00

Meeting point, St. Andreu Arenal station, av meridiana 400, 08030 Barcelona, Spain


About the activity

Price: €55

Who's up for a very special canyoning day? We'll go for a hot water canyon in the middle of the autumn - winter;)  We will go to the French town of Olette and Thuès-les-Bains, in the pyrenees, about 200km from BCN. The Canyon is called "Eaux chaudes Thuès-les-bains".

During the canyoning activity, we will find a great hot water natural pools, different rappels of between 4 till 35 meters and a beautiful natural slides.    Checkout our video on Youtube!  

Before starting the descent, we will have a sandwich in the parking and then we will walk 30 min to reach the canyon. At the end we'll walk just 2min to return to the cars. Then, we will eat in the parking and return to BCN. Expected arrival at BCN at around 6PM.

Difficulty level: easy. Good for beginners unless if you have fear of heights.Jumps are optionals and up to everyone's own will (and need for) adrenalin. Perfect for beginners or people that want to improve their technique.

How do we get there? By shared private cars from Barcelona. During the booking process you’ll be invited to tell us if you have a car and how many people can come with you in the car. Each passenger will pay inbetween €15 and €20 (depending on how many people are in each car) to the driver to cover gas and tolls expenses. You can also meet us on the spot at 10:00 AM. 

Bring ID or Passport (we'll cross the border), sport shoes for the canyoning and an extra pair of dry shoes, swimming suit, towel, extra t-shirt in synthetic material, water, picnic, snacks, warm clothes for before and after the canyon. 


Total price of activity €55

Advance payment: €15 (the remaining €40 are to be paid in cash on the day)

Includes: official canyoning guide, full canyoning gear (wetsuit, neoprene slippers, harness, helmet, backpack and waterproof large cans), insurance in case of accident+CL.

Do not include transportation (inbetween €15 and €20 to be paid to the driver)


Cancellation policy: if cancellation till 72h before the beginning of the activity, 50% will be charged. If late cancellation (less than 72h before), full payment will be requested. 


  • Downpayment (27%)

    Total price of the activity: €55 (the remaining 40€ are to be paid in cash on the day), includes: canyoning gear, insurance in case of accident+CL, official canyoning guide. Not included: transportation (€15 or €20pp. to the driver).

    Sale ended



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