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Our content manager and companion in adventure.

What Gaétane enjoys most about Yepalo is slowing down to a real human pace, connecting with the beauty of nature and gambolling around feeling like a child. The greatest adventure of all being meeting new people from everywhere, discovering their own world and sharing their stories. 

A translator and web content manager (she's the creator of this website!), she is  a multifaceted character and is also interested in personal growth through art, meditation and movement. Her current challenges? Working on her fear of heights (and cold!) and overcoming the fact she can’t sing (or so she thinks).

She has been involved in different feminine projects: she organises storytelling-based networking events (Hub Dot), took part in the Barcelona V-DAY initiative (a global movement aiming at ending violence towards women and girls) in 2018 as an actress and in 2019 as an art director, and participates in the 8M Barcelona marches together with Percudones, dancing and celebrating femininity in the streets!

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