Introduction to NVC - Nonviolent Communication - zoom (in Spanish)

Online zoom session to understand what is Nonviolent Communication and how it can help us take care of our relationships with others and with ourselves.

Introduction to NVC - Nonviolent Communication - zoom (in Spanish)


20 Apr, 19:00 – 20:45 CEST


About the activity

Price: €10 (one of the principles of Nonviolent Communication is to take care of the needs of each one. If you want to attend and this price is a brake for you, contact me)

The plan

As some of you already know, in May, together with Annabel from Happy Daystress, we're organizing a 2-days NVC retreat (Non Violent Communication) with hiking and relaxation in the Montseny natural Park in Barcelona. It is a unique opportunity to become familiar with this technique created by the American psychologist and mediator, Marshall Rosenberg.

As many of you were curious to know a little more about NVC, we thought of organizing this zoom session. it's an online introduction course of 1h45 to understand what Nonviolent Communication is and how it can help us take care of our relationships with others and with ourselves. It is an interactive session in which everyone can participate (if they wish).

Language: the session will be given in Spanish. It’s important to have a good level of Spanish comprehension, however, all team members speak English and will be able to assist if you need clarification.

More info about the CNV

What is Non Violent Communication (NVC)?

NVC is a method/process that allows you to better understand your internal emotional process, as well as how to express in order to care for yourself, for others, and your relationships as a whole. Founded by Marshall Rosenberg, a US psychologist and mediator, Non Violent Communication consists of 4 stages (observation, feelings, needs and a request) with practical and “magical” elements to avoid misunderstandings, tensions and conflicts and improve clarity and understanding.

What will you get with the NVC?

You will improve communication within yourself and the people in your life. You will learn to connect with your feelings and needs, as well as those of others. You will learn that “conflict” ultimately brings us the gift of deeper connection.

About the hosts: Annabel, NonViolent Communication trainer and coach and teacher. Read more on Happy Daystress. Moshe, certified mountain guide (TD2) and C.E.O. (Crazy Enthusiastic Organizer) of Yepalo.

Are you interested in participating in the 2-days NVC retreat in the Montseny natural Park ?

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  • Introduction to NVC


    An online session of 1h45 about NVC with Annabel Lemetais






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