Cliff Jumping in la Costa Brava - Coasteering BUS

We we'll explore and discover the Costa Brava in its purest essence combining hiking, swimming, jumping (opcional) and easy scrambling (opcional) through the most hidden coves, sea caves and its crystal clear turquoise waters.

Cliff Jumping in la Costa Brava - Coasteering BUS


03 Jul 2021, 07:45 – 18:45

Meeting point , Estació Sant Andreu Arenal, avinguda Meridiana 400, 08030 Barcelona, Spain

About the activity

Total Price: €70 (including private bus round trip from Barcelona)

Advance payment requested: €35

Remaining 35€ are to be paid in cash on the day

The plan

We are going to live an exciting experience in one of the most beautiful areas of the Costa Brava to (re)discover the meaning of these same words, Costa Brava. We are going to enjoy every corner, to discover what surprise is hidden behind each rock, to dare with each jump into the water (optional), to know the stories that these coves and sea caves hold, their flora, their fauna and of course, to enjoy what characterizes the Costa Brava: its crystal clear turquoise waters!

After the activity, each one will be able to decide whether to eat the picnic sunbathing on the beach or to go to a beach bar to drink and eat something.

Check out all the pics and details here!

Difficulty level: easy. Jumps are optional and up to everyone's own will (and need) for adrenalin. Perfect for beginners and children.

How do we get there? We will go by private bus from Sant Andreu Arenal, Barcelona.

Bring walking shoes, an extra pair of shoes, a swimming suit, a towel, water, picnic, snacks, sunscreen.

 + Price includes: 

• Official canyoning guide

• Material: helmet, wetsuit

• Insurance in case of accident + CL

• Private bus round trip from Barcelona


- Not included

• Picnic

Cancellation policy: if cancellation till 72h before the beginning of the activity, 50% will be charged. If late cancellation (less than 72h before), full payment will be requested.

COVID19: In case of being positive for coronavirus or having to quarantine for having been in contact with a positive, 100% of the down payment is refunded (presenting medical documentation). In case of official mobility restrictions implemented by the government, a 100% refund will also be made.





  • Downpayment: Cliff jumping+bus


    Total price of activity: €70 (the remaining 35€ are to be paid in cash on the day), includes: helmet, wetsuit, insurance in case of accident+CL, official canyoning guide, private bus round trip from Barcelona. Not included: picnic




  • Downpayment:ONLY Cliff Jumping