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La muralla de China del Montsec

Sierra del Montsec

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 The Congost de Mont Rebei is the most famous natural wonder of the Montsec but it's not the only one. We'll discover some of the most amazing unknown gems of this natural park ! Let's go hiking, kayaking, paragliding (optional) and live a unique experience.

Difficulty level


Minimum age/size

13 years old


2 to 4 nights (2 to 5 days)



- Be physically fit
- Not suitable if you have fear of heights

- Kayaking: know how to swim

Paragliding and observation of the stars are always optional

What's the plan?

We have several amazing hikes and activity options in Sierra del Montsec. Depending on the weather conditions, we’ll decide on the best option for each day. Here are all the possible hikes.


The Congost de Mont-rebei is an impressive gorge that forms the natural border between Aragón and Catalonia. The impressive path digged inside the rock allows us to walk right next to the cliffs enjoying breathtaking views on the turquoise water reservoir, just as if we were flying just above it. 

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congost_de_mont_rebei (10)
congost_de_mont_rebei (9)
congost_de_mont_rebei (8)
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congost_de_mont_rebei (2)


Kayaking + hiking to discover what the locals call "The Chinese wall" of Montsec. To get there we will alternate between kayaking and hiking. We will discover these impressive rocks that form a natural wall in the middle of the swamp, we will pass by a very curious abandoned village and a hidden hermitage.

Duration: 5 - 6 h approx.  

Hiking: 8 km with approx. + 300m of elevation gain.

Kayaking: 2,5-3 hours approx. in calm waters.

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muralla_china_montsec (5)
muralla_china_montsec (8)
muralla_china_montsec (7)
muralla_china_montsec (3)
muralla_china_montsec (4)
muralla_china_montsec (2)
muralla_china_montsec (1)


 13km aprox. + 500m gain of altitude
We will discover the Camarasa reservoir from the impressive cliffs of “Els balconets” where it's possible to observe eagles and the famous bearded vultures. This panoramic route will take us through bunkers of civil war, a beautiful reservoir and to a small "Ermita" where we'll enjoy stunning views.  


14km - + 630m gain of altitude

A beautiful gorge far from the crowds, a river, some very cool walkways and a peaceful hike with stunning views are the ingredients of this unique route. 



 10 KM + 430m gain of altitude 

A charming town on the shore of a beautiful reservoir and surrounded by beautiful red mountains. 

PARAGLIDING IN AGER (optional + € 110) 

An unforgettable paragliding flight baptism. Let’s go for a tandem flight starting in the  Montsec with an elevation gain of between 600 and 1050 meters. Depending on the thermals (ascending air currents caused by the action of the sun), we will enjoy the sky between 15 amd 30 minutes. 


NIGHT WITH THE STARS (optional + € 17) 

Thanks to its very low luminous contamination and to its meteorological conditions,  
the Montsec is considered one of the best places in the world for astronomical observation.  Let’s enjoy the star’s lights and go for a night visit to the Parc Astronòmic Montsec including an explanation of the night sky with a telescope.

Accommodation & Meals

We will stay in a hostel in Ager in shared rooms for 6 people (bunk beds with fitted sheet and pillowcase).

The hostel has central heating, a large dining room and free wifi.  


During the registration process, you’ll be able to choose the half-board option for the first night (+€18), breakfast for the other mornings (+€4 per day), pic-nic for the next days (+€7 per day) and option to hire towels, sheets and blanket (+€4). 


Fort the dinners of the other days, we can go to local restaurants with the ones who want to. Everyone can decide where and what he wants to eat. 


How do we get there?

We will be sharing private cars from Barcelona.

When you sign up, you'll be invited to let us know if you have a car and how many people can come with you. 

Meeting points

Leaving from Barcelona:
Palau Reial
c/ John Maynard Kaynes, 2 - BCN

On the spot:

Alberg Vall d'Àger

What to bring


  • A raincoat/waterproof hiking gear

  • Clothes adapted to the season 

  • Hiking shoes

  • Sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen) 

  • Swimming suit + towel 

  • Backpack 

  • Water (1,5L) 

  • Snacks

  • Walking sticks (optional)

  • Sleeping bag (or you can rent sheets and blanket for €4) 

  • Towel 


Prices vary depending on the number of days and activities included. You can see the prices in the published events. (See upcoming dates below). 

Price includes:

  • Accommodation in the hostel.

  • Insurance in case of accident and CL. 

  • Hikes supervised by an official mountain guide every day. 

  • Some trips includes a guided kayak route (Muralla china) with a professional guide (including safety vest, paddle, bathing covers, raincoat). Check the details in the event registration page.

  • VAT

It does NOT include:​

  • Transportation: every passenger will pay €25 to the driver for gas/tolls costs. 

  • Meals (you can bring your own groceries  - or buy them at the mini supermarket/ eat in a local restaurant - or hire the food service offered by the hostel.)

  • Paragliding:  it is an optional activity with a supplement of  +110€.

  • Astronomical observation: it is an optional activity with a supplement of  +17€.

Check out all
our upcoming dates: 

Don't see any date that suits you?

Here above you should see the dates of the next trips we have planned for this activity. If none of them suits you - or if no dates appear at all - let us know when you'd like to go so we can set up a new trip: send us a message or call us (+34) 699 444 539.  

Cancellation policy

The deposit paid when signing up is not refundable, except if the activity is cancelled by the organizer. Check out the cancellation policy in the event registration page.

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